Chapter 10
The Interjection


An interjection is an exclamatory word used to express a sudden feeling of joy, sorrow, wonder or any other emotion.


Alas! He is no more.
Hush! Do not disturb him.
Hurrah! Our team has won.


Alas! Hush! Hurrah! are interjections because they express a sudden feeling. It is not just the words that express sudden feelings, the way they are spoken are equally important. An interjection is always followed by a mark of exclamation. The sentences with an interjection are called exclamatory sentences. Interjections can also be used independently.



The interjection is not related to the other words in the sentence.
Exclamatory sentences when reported take words such as screamed, shouted, cried, applauded etc. In the reported form they become assertive sentence.


  1. "What a beautiful piece!" said my father.
    My father exclaimed that it was a beautiful piece.
  2. "Bravo! Well done" said the coach to the player.
    The coach appreciated the player saying that he had done extremely well.