Ayesha Jamal graduated in Journalism, English and Psychology from Bangalore University and acquired post graduation degree in English from Mangalore University. In the initial phase of her career she taught English to Post-graduate students at the Mangalore and Kuvempu Universities. Later she migrated to core publishing sector. Using her journalistic skills, English language proficiency and ability to quickly build a strong interpersonal relationship she seamlessly moved between the editorial department, the marketing and promotional departments, and author research. Besides this she is a Communication skills and soft skills trainer and has trained many students and professionals. With her experience of more than 10 years gained in the publishing and training industry, she went on to set up iline Structured Communications.

Aggressive in her style and docile in her demeanor, Ayesha is a go getter and loves challenges.  She has been an athlete at the national level and pursues her hobby of physical extremism by extending her interest to biking on a 500cc Enfield and trekking in the Himalayas. Her straight forward thinking and tackling situations head on is her mantra to deliver workable solutions to complex problems. Her inputs have given new directions to many individuals and organizations.

Her USP has been the capability to attract people with the right experience, honest to themselves, passionate about their beliefs, capable in their work and willing to share their insights. 

The result: Expect the expected when you meet people with the relevant experience.