Business Communication is the essential aspect of allowing the world a peek into an organization’s functionality. It is a critical ingredient as incorrect or inadequate communication can lead to misinterpretation, misrepresentation or even ignorance of an organization’s activities. For organizations competing and striving to stay ahead of their competitors, empowering themselves with potent marketing collaterals is critical. The media pooling used to enhance the sales of products or services of an organization are called marketing collaterals. Invariably, marketing collaterals are vital for the success of an organization’s marketing campaign.


iline Structured Communications develops marketing collaterals that communicate the necessary information in a precise form and format. This is achieved by creating customer specific collaterals that are designed and written to effectively convey the core strengths and capabilities of an organization.

iline Structured Communications ensure consistency and standardization of your marketing communications, as the smallest gap in communication can lead to misinterpretation and misrepresentation of a product or service. iline Structured Communications provide straightforward and comprehensive marketing collaterals that convey the precise aspects of projects or the functionality of an organization.

iline Structured Communications develop the following marketing collaterals:


  Brochures     Proposal Writing
  Case Studies     Web content
  Marketing Letters     White Papers
  PowerPoint Presentations     Fliers and Posters
  Product Data Sheet