Success depends on various factors. Among these are education, intelligence, upbringing and certain life skills generally referred to as emotional quotient. Emotional quotient includes various personality traits, communication skills both learnt and innate referred to as body language, habits and ability to forge relationship with others. These are also known as soft skills. Soft skills although innate, can be learnt like arithmetic or grammar. Soft skills also include body language which as a rule is innate but, to be successful one needs to demonstrate positive body language. Any person who does not demonstrate positive body language can be trained to imitate it and ensure success.

iline Structured Communications have fine tuned various levels of training on soft skills depending on the needs of the individuals. Sometimes whole teams or groups behave like individuals and in such situations iline Structured Communications train groups or teams to demonstrate positive traits.


Professionalism Presentation Skills
  Time Management Team Building
  Leadership Skills Lateral Thinking
  Non Verbal Communication (Body Language) Listening Skills
  Business Etiquette