Technical Writing

A product is complete only when its user knows how to use it. The easiest way to assist a user understand the features and steps involved in utilizing a product or application is through effective User Guides. Simple terms of communication are required in various industries to assist the non technical users. In technical writing an accurate understanding of the technology of the product or service and its requirement is essential.

iline Structured Communications develops accurate and comprehensive technical documents for technical, business and consumer audiences. iline Structured Communications with its experienced technical writing team understands the complex functions of a software or product, and converts its complex data into simple user friendly documents that can be understood by the non technical users.

iline Structured Communications specializes in developing the following technical documents:

- User Manuals

- Process Documentation

- Online Assistance

- Troubleshooting Guides

- Reference Guides

- Admin Guides

Marketing Communication

Business Communication is the essential aspect of allowing the world a peek into an organization’s functionality. It is a critical ingredient as incorrect or inadequate communication can lead to misinterpretation, misrepresentation or even ignorance of an organization’s activities. For organizations competing and striving to stay ahead of their competitors, empowering themselves with potent marketing collaterals is critical. The media pooling used to enhance the sales of products or services of an organization are called marketing collaterals. Invariably, marketing collaterals are vital for the success of an organization’s marketing campaign.

iline Structured Communications develops marketing collaterals that communicate the necessary information in a precise form and format. This is achieved by creating customer specific collaterals that are designed and written to effectively convey the core strengths and capabilities of an organization.

iline Structured Communications ensure consistency and standardization of your marketing communications, as the smallest gap in communication can lead to misinterpretation and misrepresentation of a product or service. iline Structured Communications provide straightforward and comprehensive marketing collaterals that convey the precise aspects of projects or the functionality of an organization.

iline Structured Communications specializes in developing the following technical documents:

- Brochures

- Case Studies

- Marketing Letters

- PowerPoint Presentations

- Product Data Sheet

- Proposal Writing

- Web content

- White Papers

- Fliers and Posters


Website Content

Thousands of new websites are included everyday to the existing plethora of sites. This has created a situation where recall of the URL unnecessary due to commonality of ideas and framing of content.

iline Structured Communications specializes in designing and creating Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website content to tempt revisits resulting in higher recall value. Our writers with domain specific expertise skillfully transform complex technical information into concise and clear content.

Our well trained writers adopt the best techniques and strategies to build excellent web content. Well developed web content has an enormous capacity to enhance sales and brand recall of an organization. Web content created by iline Structured Communications does not just convey information; it also drives the target audience to reach you.

Keeping in mind the way industry works, dedicated content writers at iline Structured Communications create web content according to an organization’s requirements. We specialize in providing web content with relevant keywords that will be picked up by various search engines.

iline Structured Communications specializes in developing the following technical documents:

Training Manuals

A critical aspect of any training is the availability of subject matter experts backed by comprehensive training material which is simple and easy to understand.

The design, content and the presentation of the manual has to be accurate and easily comprehendible to a new learner. It has to be crisp and specific with illustrations incorporated wherever necessary for easy understanding of the subject.

At iline Structured Communications we ensure that every training manual is created keeping in mind the end user thus enhancing the effectiveness of the training program. Further every training manual is designed and written by domain experts with vast experience in creating successful training methodologies.

We believe that in any training the intent and willingness to learn is a critical factor and teaching accounts for only a miniscule proportion. Keeping this philosophy in mind our training manuals are designed to help develop inquisitiveness and lead the trainee in a linear path with no ambiguities.


Abstract Writing

Organizations need to stand out in a crowd to be noticed. This means creation of materials, products or services that have originality or are path breaking. There is a need for such innovations to get due publicity.

iline Structured Communications enables the creation of white papers on such innovations as well as production of abstracts for quick reference.

iAn abstract is the summary of a research program and it highlights the major aspects or key points of the research. A well written abstract will motivate readers to know more about the research. Abstract writing is an art that describes and discusses the content of the research material.

iAbstract writing sets the tone of the research material and covers the important aspects of the whole material.

Marketing Communication

Breaking news is old news before the news breaks out. There is more seasoning happening in the corporate world than that happens in a spicy Indian curry. Journalists have neither the time nor intention to create original copy. To get due mileage, it is essential that articles and press releases be given in forms that are near publishable copies.

iline Structured Communications has the experience and wherewithal to produce such content.

Right content and the right way of communication are essential for public relations. Understanding this, iline Structured Communications thoroughly study the market audience an organization aims to reach and provide relevant and accurate content.