Technical Writing

Technology companies often strive to produce accurate and comprehensive manuals to help users understand the operation of their products and to enhance their usability. Organizations seek the assistance of technical writers in translating the highly technical information into a level that can be understood by users at various levels.

Technical writing entails the creation of the following documents:

- User Manuals

- Process Documents

- Training Manuals

- Software Installation Guides

- Online help etc.

As technology advances, the demand for technical writers who can convey complex technical content to simpler formats is ever growing. However, technical writing should not be mistaken to be a mere conversion of a highly technical document to a simplified version. It actually involves understanding the audience and developing the document accordingly. Technical writers with their strong communication skills and a sound knowledge of the relevant technology develop documentation for intelligent professionals.

To be a good technical writer it is essential to possess a good command over English as well as domain knowledge in order to present the data in an appropriate and understandable manner. Individuals with any bachelor’s degree, post graduation degree who are strong communicators with good English can be trained to be successful technical writers.

With a team of experienced trainers, iline Structured Communications trains students in all aspects of technical writing from the basics to the usage of authoring tools like Framemaker, Robohelp, Visio etc. iline Structured Communications offer technical writing courses that stress on learning the practical applications and fundamental concepts in technical documentation. Broadly our course trains students to:

- Learn information design

- Identify and understand types of audiences

- Understand software usage

- Improve language and editing practices

- Understand grammar, style and structure

- Learn content layout and design

- Learn authoring tools used in technical documentation.


Communication Skills

At times when nothing matters, the only thing that will matter is the ability to communicate in ways that it is understood, appreciated and help create the required impression. In general employees are good at their specific fields of work with the singular disability when present, being the absence of communication skills. The importance of communication is felt only when there is a need to communicate the work or ideas and either no communication happens or there is total misunderstanding of the issues and other factors.

We believe in showing tangible results with specific solutions and tailored programs. The programs are tailored considering the specific requirements such as effective business communication including writing, professional email communication, writing to impact with stress on grammar and punctuation, communicate to negotiate and influence and communication while chairing meetings.

iline Structured Communications understands that communication is a two way process where listening or reading and understanding the communication from a third party is equally important as spoken and written communication. The emphasis is laid on understanding Business English, Technical English, Financial English, Legal English and English used by the Governmental agencies.


Soft Skills

Success depends on various factors. Among these are education, intelligence, upbringing and certain life skills generally referred to as emotional quotient. Emotional quotient includes various personality traits, communication skills both learnt and innate referred to as body language, habits and ability to forge relationship with others. These are also known as soft skills. Soft skills although innate, can be learnt like arithmetic or grammar. Soft skills also include body language which as a rule is innate but, to be successful one needs to demonstrate positive body language. Any person who does not demonstrate positive body language can be trained to imitate it and ensure success.

iline Structured Communications have fine tuned various levels of training on soft skills depending on the needs of the individuals. Sometimes whole teams or groups behave like individuals and in such situations iline Structured Communications train groups or teams to demonstrate positive traits.

- Professionalism

- Time Management

- Leadership Skills

- Non Verbal Communication (Body Language)

- Business Etiquette

- Presentation Skills

- Team Building

- Lateral Thinking

- Listening Skills


Stress Management

iline Structured Communications understands that training professionals on the various aspects of day to day corporate life retains Human Resource as Human Resource. Our stress management experts help detoxify and relax individuals by training in simple yet effective stress busting techniques. Thus increasing the overall productivity and infusing positive energy into the workplace. The program involves the training in one or both of the following:

- Breathing Techniques

- Meditation

- Controlled Leadership


Tools Training

Software tools are being continuously upgraded. This compels organizations to constantly train personnel in the newer versions and new tools that come into being. Trainers at iline Structured Communications help in keeping abreast with the latest trends and offer training in the following:

- MS Word

- FrameMaker

- Madcap Flare

- RoboHelp

- Php

- Java

- Lotus Notes