Editorial Services.


A very small percentage of the human population speaks English as a native language in grammatically correct form. A larger proportion of the population do speak English but more in a colloquial form rather than in a grammatically correct form. Although it is well accepted as a communication medium, colloquial form is not acceptable in publications, formal presentations, examinations, project reports, thesis etc. This calls for specially trained persons who have the domain knowledge in specific areas as well as a very high standard in formal English.

iline Structured Communications have editorial specialists whose services are sought after by authors, research scholars, publishers, translators, students and others to whom the correctness of language is critical in their professional lives.

A strict confidentiality is maintained between the author and iline Structured Communications such that even the reviewers are not informed about the anecdotes of the author. Where necessary a Non Disclosure Agreement is also agreed on between the author and iline Structured Communications.

Some of the Documents for which we provide Editorial services are:

- Books

- Journal

- Newsletters

- Research Papers

- Business Proposals

- Legal Documents

- Website Content